Ultimate Kindle Publishing

book in 7 daysHow to generate quality ebooks?
Here’s how to generate quality ebooks and flood them with legions of rabid readers screaming to buy ….
dot Without spending hours writing it yourself ….
dot Without junky PLR or rehashed content ….
dot Without expensive ghostwriters …..
dot Without getting slapped or banned ….
dot Without impossible software …..
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Build your own Android

app dev for androidIf you are reading this and still don’t have your own money making iPhone or iPad App empire YOU MISSED THE TRAIN, pal! Yep, you heard me right. Sounds harsh, I know, but someone needs to tell you the blatant truth already, so FACE IT: you missed the Gold Rush! With 6 billion App downloads from the AppStore and over 750,000 approved apps, what are the chances your small little app will get noticed now in this ocean of competitor sharks? Yep, you will be eaten alive and all your hard work on creating the app will be wasted as it is nearly next to impossible to reach the Top 100 now, occupied by giants like Gameloft, Electronic Arts, and Capcom. Do you really think you are going to compete with Disney; with Angry Birds? Chances are you are not going to win this war, pal.
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App Sev Secrets

app-storeHow you can create an iPhone or iPad App or Game in 4 weeks ???
And hit pay dirt with it in the app store with no programming skills.
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